You can download leaflets for your stall here – or call the office on 020 7700 6192 and we’ll put them in the post.

Membership forms

General membership form
Friends of PSC                                      
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Leaflet (online)

Leaflet (print) 

HSBC action cards 


HP Leaflet (online)         


HP Leaflet (print) 

Boycott Israeli goods
Don’t buy Israeli dates  

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BDS pocket guide for fold up guide call the office (020 7700 6192)
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Disappearing Palestine

Disappearing Palestine postcard
A3 poster

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No to pinkwashing

No to pinkwashing leaflet
LGBT Tourism? Not to Israel!

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Co-op bank

Social media post

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Reports and pamphlets

Arming Apartheid report For more details see
Palestine: The case for justice
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